Sunday, February 11, 2018

Camo the cat and some quilting

 Meet the latest kitty that has joined us....  well outdoors anyway.  He is still  feral and not sure about us at all.  (at least we "think" he might be a boy.)  But he knows we will put out some pretty good food for him every day.  We have named him Camo.  Short for camouflage.  He really blends in once he gets up into our woods.  Especially where we "think" he may reside.  Under the "roof" of a tree house that came down in the really bad wind storm a few years ago.

I have been trying to get caught up on projects, and currently am working on a couple of quilts.  The  one I am showing this week is one that I recently got back from the long arm quilter lady.  I am  still working on the  the binding. I am hopeful I will get it doe this coming week if life doesn't get out of hand.

 This quilt is actually a combination of a couple of quilt projects combined into one.  The majority of the squares were from a Block of the Month quilt project I followed on the blog...  Country Threads Chicken Scratch.....  To show how far behind  in some things I am I am pretty sure I started this one about 4 years ago.

 In addition I added several blocks from a local class project  that I never finished.  I hate to waste any of the squares I have made.............

I have another quilt I am waiting for from the long arm lady.....  I hope this one is completed before that one arrives.  I will show that one once it is here.

And join me next week.   I have a couple of projects to share.

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Kim said...

Your Camo is a sweet fellow. Me thinks you have a new cat. =) This is a lovely quilt, Beth filled with lovely patterns and colours. It is a treat to visit your lovely place once again.