Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A snowy morning and some free graphics

This is a picture of our garden shed. We keep our winter tools in there too.

We finally got a bit of snow that is sticking on the ground. It isn't much but it is snowy looking. Unlike what they are probably getting in Syracuse and Bangor. Up to now it has been mostly rain and icy rain this year. I would say winter but it isn't technically here until Sunday.

My presents are bought and wrapped, my cards are mailed and what baking I will do is done.
So I can relax and enjoy the season. Or I could if there wasn't so much going on.

I am hoping to get back to some art, some sewing, some doll house making in the New Year but now I am just collecting up stuff for that time.

One thing I dearly love is vintage images. I have a huge collection both real and in computer graphics.

Here are a couple of places that I find them:

Lisa Vollrath, an artist I have "met" via an online swap or two has a great site of graphics and each season she generously offers free images for the season in a "COUNTDOWN" each day leading up to the particular holiday there will be a new image. She is currently in the middle of the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN You can download free images each day. Just follow the guidelines given you will have wonderful images to use in your art, day by day!
Her websites are

Go Make Something and Ten Two Studios

Another good source for free graphics is from the GRAPHICS FAIRY. She has a blog and offers a vintage graphic almost every day.

I hope you will visit these two sites if you interested in vintage graphics. It will be worth your while.

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