Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday.... a new thing on my blog

I know.... I haven't been here lately. We were away for a couple of weeks and since coming home time just seems to fly by.
We went to a Nascar Race down in Bristol TN, which was a FUN time even if my favorite race car driver didn't win.

Then over to Chesapeake, Virginia to visit with good Navy friends from when we used to live there. More fun, including a great meal at a restaurant on the Inland Waterway.

I loved being in the land of REAL stores. I didn't boost the economy too much there but I did find some things I have been wanting. There certainly aren't many places to shop around here.

But on to this menu thing.
My daughter does it on her blog and she got the idea from another blog called I'm An Organizing Junkie. That is a great blog for menu ideas and recipes.

Back in the day, when I was working full time at my job at the Television Station I used to do something similar every Sunday. I would make out a tentative menu for the week and make a grocery list from it. Then on Monday, I would stop off at grocery store on the way home. I would leave notes on frig if something needed to be done before I got home.... like putting potatos in the oven. It worked well. Since I now work from my home it doesn't seem quite as necessary though I still have been doing it on a small scale.

I love to get out three or four cook books and look through them and see what inspires. I also print off recipes from the web if I find something that sounds good. That is what will start this week.

Monday: Pepperidge Farm Herbed Chicken in Pastry
Spinach and Roasted Potato Salad ( A recipe from Sargento)

Tuesday Penne Pasta with Sausage
Patti Bread ( a recipe I once got from my friend Patti)

Wednesday: Zesty Mini Meatloaves
Broccoli with Cashews/Raisins (From Today's Diet and Nutrition Magazine)
Margie Bread a recipe (I got from my friend Margie)

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Pork
Lima Beans
Pork Fried Rice

Friday: Pizza... from Schwanns.

Saturday: Steak
Onion Clusters

I will try to post a couple of the recipes as the week goes on.

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Amanda said...

Ooooo... wish I could come over for dinner tonight! That sounds wonderful!