Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gerome comes for a visit

I belong to GSOLFOT......... We are an international group of miniature makers, collectors and enthusiasts with a bit of insanity thrown in. If you click on the link you can learn about us, even more perhaps than you wish.... We have daily chats and I am often sitting here chatting with folks from UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and all over the US including Hawaii.
One of the special "members" of our group is Gerome, a gnome, who travels round the world visiting the members and joining in their lives for a week. Instead of using the TARDIS like they did in Doctor Who, the British TV show, Gerome comes from our printer................ and proceeds to change our lives.
Over the next week I will share with you his adventures

Gerome arrived at my house yesterday. He got here just in time for dinner naturally. Here he is checking out the menu. .
We had oven roasted chicken, homemade potato salad and a veggie melange of zucchini, mushrooms and red peppers, sauteed greek dressing.
After dinner Gerome claimed he needed to chat with the other gnomes that live here so a meeting was held.
And next he visited my very messy GSOLFOT office. I think he wanted to know why I didn't straighten it up before his arrival. Well, I imagine I had better do that pretty soon. A number of the items in the office were made by other members of GSOLFOT in our occasional "makes. " A Makes is a project that we sign up to complete without knowing what we will be making nor to whom it will go..... Our illustrious leader, Noni the Oz, makes up the rules and we must follow. Usually it is quite a challenge. But oh so worth it.
My "GSOLFOT" Official Title is called the Keeper Of Antiquities and Other Old Junque. This came about because I run an antique shop in real life. So a lot of the items in the "office" represent my title.
WE are in the midst of a "MAKE" period so I can't talk about what I am doing but will document it and show all once it is allowed.

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