Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting to know his surroundings

Gerome wanted to get acquainted with his surrounding during his visit and so he headed outside. His first stop was to see about that strange looking pink bird sitting among some of my Hostas. He indicated he thought they were mostly in Fla. not up in PA. But I told him this pink bird actually found his way into my garden when we lived in Maine.. and then we brought him with us here...... So yes, a strange bird.

Next he spotted the birdhouse sitting on the bench by my garden shed. I had to tell him the story about how the chickadees lived in it last summer but didn't come back this year. He looked like he was thinking about moving in but changed his mind.

And finally on his first visit to my yard he tried to get into the screen door that decorates the side of my garden shed. I guess he didn't realize it wasn't really a door and wouldn't help in get inside.
So wonder what he will do tomorrow.

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