Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Travels

Traveling Down the Highway

As some of my loyal readers probably know we took our annual trip to Maine and New Brunswick this August.

We do it most every year so that it has become a ritual but this year we did add a couple of elements.

The beginning of our trip took us to Mass, to the town where my husband grew up. Out hotel was just a block away from his old teen hangout. Unfortunately it is gone and there is a Wendy's there now.

We took a couple of pictures of places that WERE......
but are now something else.

If you had driven by here 35 years ago you would have seen his house here instead of the parking garage. And actually the street to the right wasn't there, it was another house. The parking garage is for the hospital where his mom worked when they lived there.
His old elementary school was converted to condos a number of years ago. We couldn't get very close cause of all the trees but of course he recognized the grounds. An interesting aside to this story was that while we lived in Maine there was a fellow that worked at the tv station where I worked........ who was in construction in Mass. before he moved to Maine. He actually worked on this project!!! So this was probably done 35 years ago, or so.

Tomorrow we will head to the beach.............. I have already collected up a couple of pictures and will have it written up this afternoon some time. I will post tomorrow.

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