Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Early...

FALL COLORS Are Beginning

I know I promised a trip to the beach but changed my mind when I saw the tree across the road that was ALREADY changing color..... Too early I think......

But some fall colors are really welcome..... Here are a couple of pictures of the Rudbekia (Black Eyed Susan) in my yard. They seem to thrive in the place they are located in my garden. They are just outside my kitchen window which is even better.

I found this nifty "Rusty Rooster" to put amidst the Rudbekia. My daughter took a picture of this a few years ago and printed out a sign for the eating area of my kitchen since it over looks this scene. I always wanted a Name for that area.... sort of like a cafe.

WELL, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will try to do the beach tomorrow.

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