Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Great Free Zine

I have a lot of different interests as you have probably discovered as you read some of my blog entries. One of these interests is paper arts. I enjoy messing about with paper, ribbons, other embellishments and to come up with some sort of collage. I love it when I have something thing to use for a project. I have been collecting up lots of artwork, fabric, paper, embellishments and such to do a small book of art using Marie Antoinette as the inspiration. At the moment I have been doing a bit of that and while I was checking on the web for inspiration I came across a blog that was new to me.

The blog is loaded with visual goodies and lots of graphic ideas.

AND I learned about a great free zine that will be available shortly.

For those of you who have not heard about it yet here is a little more information. This will be a FREE zine, complete with a FREE Marie inspired collage sheet. Inside is over 50 pages full of Marie related art including: altered shoes, ATCs, theaters, jewelry, cuffs, banners, dress forms and MORE! I know that Cassandra has worked Very hard!! and also is having a giveaway!! so check out her site for more details!! This will be a FREE bi-yearly zine. Inside this issue will be lots and lots of eye candy! Also inside will be a free collage sheet.

It is going to "released" on Oct. 19, just 5 days away. I can hardly wait.

So if this interests you, or you are just curious head on over.

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Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for your post about the zine! You have a lovely blog!

Good luck with your Marie project. :)