Saturday, October 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it seemed like a good idea to use this as my inspiration this week.

For this weeks Six Word Saturday I am going to talk about something very important to me.

I have reached 7 years as a survivor. My mom had breast cancer back in 1960, long before
the many advances. But she lived for 25 more years. My goal is to do that as well.

My niece Janet was not so lucky. Her cancer was discovered at about the same time as mine. But three years later she was gone. She was such a sweetheart, it is so sad that she left us so early and we all miss her.

Get your self in for your mammogram!!! It is very important. And support Breast Cancer Awareness events in your area.


Dr.John said...

Really glad that you have survived

Autumn said...

Touching six words!! I've lost quite a few people in my family to breast cancer and a few others to other forms of cancer, catching it early is our only real defense!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

So glad you're doing well. It's such a scary disease!

My grandmother had breast cancer and a full mastectomy of one breast about 45 years ago - she just turned 98.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

If you have survived
for many years or just months,
you’ve fought the good fight.

My Six Words

Lizze said...

Rock on! You are amazing!

Happy 6WS! :)

Bridgette said...

Awesome!!! happy 6WS!

Call Me Cate said...

Very important six words, thanks for sharing them. I hope you continue to be strong and healthy.