Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One of my favorite paper arts magazine is Somerset Studio and other publications from their publisher Stampington and Company. In one of the recent issues of one of them I came upon a book someone had made using vintage photos that had been altered. I decided I wanted to do the same thing. Since I had several of them for sale in my antique shop I just went out and "bought" them from myself.

Today I am showing you six of the ones I did. But I plan to do more and then bind them into a book using my Bind it All machine from Zutter Innovative Products. In the meantime I am storing them in a neat old cigar box.

So here are my first attempts.

This young lady seems to be quite thoughtful so added a small word taken from a magazine, I think, and then used a very vintage paper for the background and some equally vintage silk ribbon wandering around the edge.

I decide some humor was in order for this serious lady..... So I added a saying "I used to be Snow White but I drifted." Then I gave her a "flower hat" and added some flower stickers as well.
Here is a typically prim lady. The sayings on the picture are "giggle every day" and "adjust your attitude. " I added some yarn as trim around the edges of the pictures and a couple of vintage velvet blossoms for some added color.
This isn't a photo but I liked it. The edging on the picture was already there. I added the flowers.
This fellow had "flair" and so "needed" a butterfly bow tie and some wine in the form of the sign from a wine box.
And here are a couple of cuties in a picture called the Bird Catchers. I thought the purple trim on the top sort of resembled a bird's nest.
AND so that is the first part of my "fun." I am off to work on some different projects now but will get back to these in a couple of weeks I am sure. Just have to find some more pictures. Check back next Thursday to see what I am working on now.

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Anne said...

Beth, I love how you've altered the photos. So many of those poses demand some levity ~ the butterfly bowtie is perfect and the giggle comment gave me a giggle too. Looks like you are off to a great start for having fun making your book.
Anne ~ gsolfot