Thursday, January 7, 2010

A change of pace for January

I have been busy with so many things that my blog has definitely taken a back seat.

The cats have been posing too..... or "caught in the act" anyway.

Spooky loves enclosed places. No wonder our clothes are covered with cat hair....

Spooky likes to lord it over Bentley as well.

The sisters (Spooky (L) and Tuffy (R) really do like each other and can ofter be seen side by side.

Normally by this time of the month of January I am well into a project. Lately it has been miniatures and this year was supposed to be no exception.

Well I will just have to be a little late at it.

I recently bought two room box kits to use for a couple of projects I have worked on but never liked what I had done with them. so....................... I got these two room box kits and will work on them one at a time to finish off these projects.

Not much to show you yet...... but here is a picture of the boxes. Then I will show as I go along.
Later today I will put the first box together and figure out what I have to do to make it like I want it.
The first project is called "Milady's Dress Shoppe" I had made up a shop in a very small room box and it was so crowded and I kept finding things to add to it..... SO..... I hope this will allow me to put everything together.

Tune in Tomorrow.... Saturday, to see how I have progressed, or if I have. I have time to work today as my shop will not be open due to all the snow.

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Anne said...

Welcome back! hehehe I can always be appeased with a picture of a kitty. I always had kitties before I married. Now we have schnauzer dogs (who would adore having a kitty for a snack). Can't wait to see your roombox progress, Bethl.