Saturday, January 9, 2010

The construction begins......

I was able to spend yesterday working on the room box. It isn't too far done but it is on its way. I am now working figuring out how to do the various things I want to do to the walls to make it look like the "Milady's Shoppe." Not very fancy at this point. But it is underway. I really can't do much work today because my shop is open and busy AND we are off to an auction tonight. But I am hopeful I can do more tomorrow. Meanwhile I am making plans.

This picture below is the original shop I started. But as you can see it is a little small and doesn't show off things very well. So with the new one I will be able to be a better job I hope. As you can see I already have a lot of items for the shop. And I have a box full of more items not even shown in the picture. So...................... once the walls, floors windows (that I plan to add) are in place I should be ready to add the "inventory" to the shop. I hope to done with most of it by next weekend.

So check in on Monday for more.

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