Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Monday

So finally a Monday with actual miniature stuff.
I was able to work a bit yesterday, between customers in my real life antique shop. I added trim to the top of shop walls.
I have finally decided it will NOT be a dress shop BUT instead just hats and lingerie. I have lots of hats and plan to make some lingerie from patterns I have found.
Since I had planned to make it a dress shop I was going to need a dressing room and had temporarily borrowed a screen from my doll house to serve that function. But I don't think I will
need one now. So that can go back to the doll house. I had already taken these pictures so it is included
I found some appropriate pictures for the walls. I have put up three, the others will have to wait until I find some shelving I like, to hold all the hat boxes. Then if I still need something on the wall they can go up.

For some reason these pictures are all washed out looking and I didn't even use a flash. I will try again tomorrow to get better color. My camera has been acting up a bit. I hope it is not dying.
I have to admit I am not thrilled with the look of it yet. I think that piece of furniture that is presently holding fabric may go..(it is too clunky looking).... And I need to do something with the floor. And I have to find the table and chairs to use, they are somewhere up in my studio I know.
So right now it is just a box holding the stuff I have made and collected up.

I don't think I will get much done on the shop today because I have a lot of other stuff to do. But check back. You never know.

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Anne said...

Gorgeous hats, bethl. Can't wait to see what else you'll be doing. As a suggestion (I know, you didn't ask) maybe if the case were a lighter color it wouldn't look so chunky ~ the size seems okay to me.