Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have you ever been hit by a snow plow?

My husband has!!! and it was NOT pretty.

This was not a great way to start the Valentine Weekend.
On Thursday afternoon my husband drove with me over to the next town where I had a doctor's appointment. Afterward we went to a shop across the street to buy a few things. And were then planning to go to the bakery across the side street. He said he wanted to put the bags in the van before we went to the bakery. I went on ahead. He was standing at the side of our van, getting ready to put the bags inside when suddenly a truck with a snowplow came from the opposite side of the street and hit him and threw him through the air a few feet. I did not see the actual event for which I am thankful cause I would no doubt have passed out on the spot. We are very thankful that nothing was broken. He is a mass of bruises though and he got a couple of cuts on the head. And there was a nurse from my doctors office, who had seen what happened and came over to help a bit.
The police and ambulance came interviewed the plow truck driver, checked out Bill and and off we went to the emergency room... they checked him over, popped a staple in his head where one of the cuts was and released him. He limped out of the building. We had been planning to go out to dinner but that was not going to happen so I ordered a pizza on the cell phone and we went home, arriving just as the pizza guy arrived.
It was NOT a fun afternoon though will give him great stories to tell.
We went to regular doctor the next day and he checked him over. He has a limp, a very sore arm and a LOT of bruises. It has not a big city snow plow but one on the front of a pickup truck. He was not plowing, just driving along. Needless to say he is probably in a bit of trouble now.

I have been playing nurse a bit, making sure he uses ice packs when he is supposed to and putting ointment on the cuts. He will survive but it will probably be a couple of weeks before he is fully back to himself. Good thing he is a normally tough guy. It does not make him happy that he is hurting and can't do what he wants to do but we are so VERY thankful it was not worse.


Amanda said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing better!!

Sally of GSOLFOT said...

Special hugs for Bill

Anne said...

OMG, Bethl, I am so glad that Bill is doing okay. What a horrible scare for both of you. Hugs for both of you. XOXOXO
Anne ~ Gsolfot