Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, snow, snow. snow, snow. snow

Yep, we are finally getting a real snow storm. We have had little bits of snow up to now but this seems like the real thing finally. It is very quiet out as there is no traffic on our normally busy road. Schools and the college are closed and probably a lot of businesses. So I shall be staying inside, doing some projects, perhaps a bit of decluttering here and there and generally thankful I can use the snow as an excuse to stay home and enjoy. So here are a few pictures I took this morning. It is supposed to snow off and on all day so may be deeper tomorrow.

The above picture is of a couple of chairs sitting out on a small patio next to our deck. I judge how much snow we are getting by checking them out.

this next picture is of a teacup planter my daughter gave me for mother's day a few years ago. Looks like whipped cream on top of the cup.
And this next picture is of a birdfeed hanging on my no longer used clothes line. That is quite a high "roof" on the thing.

and finally here is just a general picture of the back yard. It is pretty out there.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I will have more pictures of the snow and pictures of the projects I get to work on today.

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