Monday, October 18, 2010

End of an Era

"Goodbye Fun Finder"

      Yesterday we said goodbye to our little camper called the Fun Finder.  We sold it and are now ready to enjoy our bigger one. It was sort of bitter sweet to see it go.  We have wonderful memories of the little Fun Finder.  We attended 4 Nascar races, many Blue Grass festivals and a couple of just plain camping outings.

But now it is time to enjoy our new camper.  The little camper was good but we always we felt like we needed a couple more feet.... so now we do.  Three more to be exact.  We won't have to give up the dinette every night for a bed!  And the bathroom is bigger.

The new camper weighs very little more than the old  one so we can still tow it easily with our mini-vans.
That is good cause we don't need a truck but in our antique business we do need the mini-vans.

I hope to have lots of adventures to report with the new camper.  Stay tuned................

And check back tomorrow for Tea Cup Tuesday!

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PeregrineBlue said...

wish i could have been there for the sale. i have searched high and low for one of these in my area to no avail. enjoying your teacup tuesday post too.