Friday, October 22, 2010

Up Date Friday

For the foreseeable future I will be showing my progress on my miniature bookshop on Fridays. I will also try to update other things that I may have mentions and not followed up on.  Maybe.........

Today I opened the box of parts for my new miniature bookshop.  AND I started to put it together.

      I stopped though, after putting up the floor, back and side walls.  I am now debating whether to put on the top (roof) right away.  I think it would be too hard to decorate with it on so am thinking I should hold off.  Meanwhile I have started gathering up items for the shop.

Here are a couple chairs I have found and a table I may decorate to use as well.  I am waiting for the arrival of the bookcases I have ordered and a few books as well.  AND I hope to get to make some of my own as well.  You are welcome to leave any comments.

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Jacoba said...

Hi Beth,
After having visited an exhibition on dolls houses in England I was caught: my friend's father made me a huge doll house. Alas I never had the time to decorate it and the house moved to a dolls museum.
What fun this must be, to make your book shop.
The other day I came across my book with miniature embroideries: bed covers, rugs, you name it.
The miniature world is a fascinating world!
Happy day!