Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall colors everywhere at our campsite (6 word Saturday)

Fall Colors Everywhere at our Campsite

This past week we took our brand new camper out on what will probably be our last camping event of the season.  We headed up north in our state to a wonderful camping area at Hammond Lake.  It is run by the 
Army Corp of Engineers and the area was developed as a result of flooding back in the 1970s.

The fall colors were beginning to disappear but enough left to make the scenery in the campsite lovely.
and because it was late in the season there were not very many campers so it was lovely and peaceful.
Here are a few other pictures I took of the area around us.
 This picture, which was taken by my husband, shows across the lake.  You can see the reflections of the trees above in the lake below.  Because it was so still you can see them pretty clearly.
Another picture of reflections.  This was across a little inlet.  The pavilion was for picnics.  I imagine it is very busy and full in summer months.

Just up the lane from where we camped we had the pleasure of looked at these wonderful Maple trees in Full color!  They almost glowed.

We will no doubt go back to Hammond Lake next year.  It is such a great place.  But for now we can just enjoy all the pictures that we took and relive the moments there.


Joanie M said...

Aren't the fall tree just lovely?

Sandra from Sydney said...

What a gorgeous location! Hope you enjoyed staying in your new caravan.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)