Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I won over the machine

I am happy to report that I found out how and successfully learned how to thread my new sewing machine thanks to the man at the sewing machine where I bought it, all the way down in Alabama.  He was patient with me and it worked.

Then later I was having trouble getting the reverse to work.  Nothing in the manual gave me any idea how to trouble shoot this.  So.....   this time I called the Brother Sewing Machine company help line.  The lady there explained there was a switch on the back I should check.  It was in the proper place but I decided to turn it off and on and suddenly it decided to work.

So if you decide to buy a Brother Sewing Machine you can be sure you will get help, easily, when you need it.

In the next couple of days I want to start on some sewing projects. Yesterday I did some practice stitching.  There are a LOT of great stitches included in the machine so here is a picture of my samples.  Not too fancy, just wanted to make sure they all worked.

I am much happier this morning than I was yesterday morning,  I still have to learn to use the embroidery part of the machine but that is for a later day.


pamala said...

YAY on your new machine! You will have lots of fun creating I am sure.
Thank you for blog hopping with the Zutter Zisters.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Well done you! I can see lots of creativity coming up vbg. I know you will love learning all about with your machine. Don't forget to post photos of your creations!
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

Sharon ML Schutt said...

What a great selection of stitches you have on that new machine! I hope you will enjoy it! I have followed you from ROD. I'm looking forward to the swap - bought baggies today!