Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new... SEWING MACHINE that is.

I gave myself a big Christmas gift this year.  Something I have wanted for ages.....   a new sewing machine and also one that embroiders.  Too bad I didn't have it when my kids were little.  My daughter could have had all those "cute" little outfits.  But in those days an embroidery machine cost thousands....

After spending a LOT of time researching on the internet I determined that I "NEEDED" to get a Brother SE400 sewing machine.  It is an electronic sewing machine and it does nice embroidery.  Every comment I read from users said good things, ease of use, fun to use etc.

WELL......  I have been sewing on one type of sewing machine or another for OVER 60 years and never had such trouble....  I can't figure out how to thread the stupid thing!!!  I am sure I will figure it out eventually....  Since I didn't buy it locally there isn't really anyone I can ask without driving a couple of hours......  They do sell them at my local wal-mart but heaven forbid they would know how to use them.     So for the next little while I will be practicing threading.  I have to tell you that my old machine loaded bobbins easier too.  Don't know why this is so complicated since the result is the same.  I am thinking of keeping my old machine just to load bobbins....  well probably not..... But it is an idea....

Here is the picture of the old machine... a kenmore.  The reason it is going is because it no longer will reverse and the stitches are extremely uneven on the straight stitch.  I just stopped sewing mostly cause of the problems. 

Doesn't it look lonely sitting on the shelf.  I will be giving it away after I make sure the new one works correctly. 
     The new machine is a   Brother SE400.
If you click on that link you can learn all you ever need to know about the machine, except how to thread it.
I shall quit now and go back to the problem at hand.  I hope tomorrow I can report some success here.


Jacoba said...

Hi Beth,
Congratulations with your new machine. Don't do the old one away before you actually master this one. Something that is very very important is that you have your machines service regularly, despite the fact they are electronic these days.
Have fun!

Sandra from Sydney said...

Beth, I love my computerized embroidery machine! In fact my other machine for sewing and quilting also does some embroidery too. As Jacoba says, it is really important to have them serviced regularly. Doesn't your manual have a diagram illustrating the threading method? Both my Janome machines do and so does my Husqvarna. You will really love using it once that hurdle is overcome!
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)