Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A sunday morning at the flea market.

Mother's Day weekend is now over but we had a lovely time.  I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter which is GOOD,  Don't get to see her nearly enough.  Enjoyed seeing my grandson  who must have grown another foot!!!   And other family members as well.

After a full day of yard saling and regular shopping on  Saturday, Sunday morning meant we would go to the Central New York Regional Market, one of our absolute favorites!  Click here to learn a bit more about it.

We like to get there by 8am to get the best buys.  The first stop is always the "junk dealers" who bring in boxes and boxes of stuff, usually gotten at auction or out of a house. You never know what you will find but generally, with patience, it can be very rewarding. You must look through every box or you might miss something wonderful.

Not very pretty to look at but oh the stuff we found.

After leaving that area we head to the regular vendors who have lots of variety of items.  I only took a few pictures but I must say there isn't much that you need that can't be found here.

Here are some of the variety of things we saw.  Not that we bought much of this.
The first picture is purses.
Old Toys and more Old Toys
 And how about a brass bed?
Lots of flowers!

And veggies and food........................

My favorite part of the day was getting to meet a great vendor named Sandy.  I imagine she was pleased I came by since I bought several items from her.  Things I just HAD TO HAVE.

The chairs will hold little potted plants up in my kitchen window, the herb embroidered picture will hang on the kitchen wall and the metal lady is going to be a part of a collage I am planning.

And so another fun day at a flea market came to an end.  The weather was excellent. 
The only problem with the day was that the donut guy wasn't there!

Check out my blog tomorrow for "Tea Cup Tuesday" where I will show off a few more things
I saw at the flea market. market.

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FabShabbyRoses said...

OMG I've never heard of this! I'm only 40 minutes away on Sundays! I've just got to go! Thank you so much for posting about this! YEEHAW! I love to quilt too! Carolyn