Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

I haven't been here in awhile which is obvious.  Just too much going on in my life I guess.  I seem to take pictures with the plan to do a blog entry but then get sidetracked.

This past weekend while we were in upstate New York for Mother's Day we attended the CNY Regional Market on Sunday morning.  A must place for us to visit when ever we are in the area.

I did a blog entry yesterday about it.  While taking pictures I found several that would be good for a blog entry on Tea Cup Tuesday so here they are.  I have no names of companies that made them but I thought I would show them anyway.

This tea set shows tea cups and saucers and such that are silver luster.  Very elegant.  They would need to be cleaned up a bit but would make a great looking table setting.

This is a sweet little teapot.  A cup for one or two.

This cup and saucer do not match but do look pretty together.

 And this pink pretty demitasse was nice!
Here are the other things you would need for a tea party. 
Included are a couple of copper luster pieces from Czechoslovakia.
I didn't buy any of these but did enjoy seeing them.  Hope you do too.

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Terri said...

Oh very pretty items! This market seems like a great place to find tea cups. I had not heard of it, and I will tell my sister who lives near there.
Thanks so much for sharing!