Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Flea Market

We went to a local flea market today and found quite a bit to buy for the antique shop.  I saw some teacups and took a couple of pictures.  After looking closer I ended up buying two.  You will have to check back on Tuesday when I show which ones I bought on my Tea Cup Tuesday blog.

I found some "crafting stuff" too. A pile of pearl like beads for the snowmen, some porcelain knobs for heads of the dress forms and this wonderful book to use to make a journal.The cover is from a book about taxes or such in Pennsylvania, from 1904.  BUT....  the inside of the book it self was a mess. The covers and inside lining pages are wonderful.  The inside pages of the book goes into my pile of papers for possible use later.  Here is a picture.  Isn't it beautiful.  Or rather it will be.

Yesterday I worked on my FTB journal, the one I showed a day or two ago.  I plan to make 5 signatures for the journal and I have 3 1/2 done.    Here is a picture of the first signatures, probably a bit confusing to those not taking the class.  It is hard to show the "insides of the signatures by doing other than just spreading them out.  You will notice that the papers should go nicely with my idea of using the journal as a record of my backyard garden and flowers from elsewhere.

I will be interested in hearing your comments.


Barbara Hagerty said...

Beth, I LOVE the marbleized paper! What a beautiful find! I can't wait to see your book through it's stages!

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

So many pretty teacups! I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see which ones you picked. If it had been me... I would have picked the two cups with violets on them in the first picture, and the one with the creamy yellow edge in the second picture.