Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making PaperTape

A few days ago I mentioned a tutorial I had found on line telling about making paper tape.  In order to do it myself I had to order some adhesive paper which finally arrived.

Today I set about to try it out.  The nice thing is I will be able to make it up any time I like.  I can also use fabrics and ribbons to do the same.  It is especially nice now that I am working on various art type journals.

This is the scrapbook paper I used for my first attempt.  I chose it cause it had stripes and there for would be easy to cut and use.
 And here is one of the sheets of paper I will use for the journal with the tape joining two different papers. The tape is pink.
By the way the blue flowered fabric is my ironing board cover, not a part of the project.  (LOL)

Paper I used was a little stiff so it didn't wrap well around a spool like I would have like.  But it sure works well on the paper which of course is its actual purpose.

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Charmingdesigns said...

I had to giggle. I always use my ironing board. Its just the right hieght, and always "there", its kinda hard to actually iron with all my stuff on it.