Monday, June 6, 2011

BlueGrass in the Endless Mountains of PA

        If you follow my blog or know me personally you know my husband and I both enjoy attending BlueGrass Festivals.  This is something we discovered later in life and I guess we are making up for lost time, attending as many festivals as we can.

This past weekend we went to the NEPA Bluegrass Festival.  It is held in Tunkhannock, PA which is in NE Pennsylvania, hence the title I imagine.  Tunkhannock is located in an area called the Endless Mountains. It is beautiful country and makes for a great place for a festival.

Lazy Brook Park is the venue for the event.  Although I couldn't find much info on the web, I have been told that the area was formerly a small subdivision or neighborhood  that was flooded a few times.  It was finally decided to remove all the houses and turn it into a city recreation area.  The streets are still there, some of the planting from the former houses as well.  It is nestled right on the river so that enhances the place.  I don't know if it has flooded recently but if it did it wouldn't take long to get it back to the beauty it is.

It is situated on Tunkhannock Creek which feeds into the Susquehanna River.  The creek seems a "small" name for the size.  But it is lovely.

Here is our camper set up in a shady grove.

And here is a picture of the stage people setting up for the concerts to come.

We were pleased to be able to see one of our favorite blue grass groups, Aspen Run, perform.  We have followed them for a number of years and actually were at their first festival appearance several years ago.  They just get better and better.  

Another group that played at the event was

Larry Gillis & His Hard Driving Bluegrass Band

They were quite a few more groups performing but I was generally too busy listening to take pictures.  I will "try" to do better at our next festival.

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