Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Visit to a Group Antique Shop

Today while we were in Tunkhannock  a quaint little town in the northern tier of Pennsylvania, we stopped in at a group antique shop we had just learned about. It is called the Bridge Street Market Place.  The building was huge and set up beautifully.  Several areas were done up as rooms, displaying the items they had for sale.  I went around taking pictures of some of the things I enjoyed most.  I didn't buy much but had a great time.

Upon entering the store  this great little white dinette set caught my eye.  Wouldn't be great in a small kitchen?

Nearby I found this amazing mirrored room divider.  Too bad it wasn't for sale because it was stunning.

Turquoise and coral compliment each other so well, don't they?

I was quite taken with this bedroom .  Everything goes so well together and makes the room quite inviting.  All the old, mismatched furniture painted white makes it such a cheerful space.

And here is a scene that would look great on a porch.  The chairs, shabby chic for sure, were just begging to have someone sit in them for some relaxation.
  The lady who owns the shop has a great eye for what goes well together and makes the room settings so inspiring.  I started taking pictures to remind myself and then realized I should share them on this blog.
Hope you enjoyed them.  Would love to see your comments.

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Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I am running very late for Tea Cup Tuesday, but I just had to stop by and look at all your beautiful tea cups. I can't pick a favorite. Thank you so much for joining us. Hope to see you next week. Blessings, Martha