Sunday, July 3, 2011

A revisit to the flea market

While at the flea market this past week I also took a lot of pictures of the tea items that were available.  I admit I bought a cup and saucer or two or three...........   But mostly I just took pictures to show the variety of things available.  If you want to buy teacups to start a collection or to add to a collection a flea market may be just the place.
 The dark roses on the above set at lovely.
 I think this little sugar and creamer set is Royal Albert because of the shape and style but I admit I forgot to check.  I have a couple of sets with different patterns that are the same style.
 This tea pot and sugar and creamer is by Sadler which makes my favorite kind of tea pots. 
Nice to have the matching sugar and creamer as well.
 This tea set has the moss rose pattern.  Again didn't get the maker name.
And here is one more grouping of cups and saucers that were available.  I love the variety of patterns and cup styles.  You can click on any of the pictures to see a bigger picture.

Be sure to check back here on Tuesday for my Tea Cup Tuesday entry and the links to check out other ones.

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