Friday, July 1, 2011

All the stuff you may or may not "need"

We went to our favorite flea market a couple of days ago.  We bought a few things for the antique shop,  had some good food to eat and bought a lot of produce.  I took quite a few pictures to share with you all.  These aren't things we bought, just stuff that I thought was interesting for one reason or another.  I also saw a lot of tea things.  I will do a blog just about them tomorrow. 
        Here are the pictures I have chosen to show you this week.
This first picture shows a table that was overflowing with clocks.  I have a feeling the guy was a clock repair
guy since there were not only clocks but repair items as well.

 I needed a few geraniums for a new flower cart I bought at the market.
  I found this group for sale and ended up buying one of each type. 
 There are always a LOT of tables of jewelry available.  This is one such table, Kind of messy looking. 
You would need to really look hard to find any treasures. There are two views of it.

At this table they took a bit more care and made a nice display for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.
 Keys were for sale everywhere.  They must be highly collectible right now.  And pricey.
  They were selling for $1.00 and $2.00 a piece.  Wow.
 Here is a pretty lamp from the Depression Era.
 Here is a souvenir from Florida I imagine.  Lots of shells. And the ubiquitous flamingo.

 And some tins.

This is only a small look at what was there.  You never know from week to week what you will find.

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miniannalee said...

I love the clock maker's booth... I would love to disassemble all those clocks for the cool parts. Wish I could find cool stuff like that at our local flea markets.