Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speckled Egg Group Match Box Swap

One of my favorite activities is to participate in a group swap of art work.  This is the third time I have been
involved in a swap sponsored by the Speckled Egg Blog.  This time it was called Curiosities Inspiration Box Swap! 

We were in groups of three and the idea was to create a Curiosities Inspiration Box using a paper match box. We used the larger size.  Here is a picture of the type I used. You can click on to see it bigger and a better perspective.
Although it looks small, it is amazing how much stuff you can include in the box.  And of course you get the fun of decorating it too.
    Below I will show you the two boxes I received and then finally I will show what I sent.

This first box is from Leanne S.  It is loaded with goodies for me to use in some of my altered projects.
 Above is the box, just opened a bit and next one you see all the goodies that were included.

And this next one is from Teresa S,  

And finally,  here is the box that I sent off.  Actually I made two so each person received one.

As you can see each of us interpreted the swap theme differently.  That is why it is so much fun to participate.

Come by tomorrow and you will see my Gothic Arch attempts.


Sandra from Sydney said...

These are magical! so beautiful.

Annette said...

what a wonderful surpise you recieved and sent. Looked like just pure magical fun.