Friday, October 14, 2011

Gothic Arches

Wow, I am here for the third day this week.  Usually I am lucky to do 1 a week. 

As you all have probably figured out I enjoy making art things.  Have loved it since I was a kid and I keep finding new ways to express myself.  I think making collages is my favorite form. 
        Some months ago I discovered the relatively new art form, making Gothic arch collages.  I like the fact that it is a limited space to work in and the shape of the arch sometimes determines what you can do.

I belong to another art group on line called  Roses on my Table.  Actually, it is a group of art groups.....
I am a member of a couple of them.  Each does different types of art and some have swaps as well.

The one I am enjoying right now is the one where everyone makes Gothic Arch collage examples.  There is no swapping involved but we post pictures of our monthly work.

The most recent one I did was with the theme of Orange and Black.  I used a graphic I got from The Graphics Fairy Blog.   Here is a picture of it.

In August the theme was "Animals"  Since we live in a houseful of cats that was an obvious choice for me. Here is the one I made. Some of the arches the group does are really elaborate.  I seem to tend to simplistic but seems to be my preference
 And here are two that I completed earlier in the year for a swap.  I don't remember the theme but I  like these.  I have an excess of scrapbooking papers and that is generally what I use for the backgrounds.
   If you click on them you can see them better.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing this new kind of art.  If you want to see more just google gothic arch and art and you should get a LOT of variety.
And check back with me on Tuesday when once again I show off some of the teacups I have recently added to my collection.

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Sandra from Sydney said...

These arches are lovely. I especially love the cat one and the butterfly one - but then they are my weaknesses. You are very artistic and your creativity certainly expresses itself in a variety of ways.