Thursday, January 12, 2012


Decluttering is constantly in my thoughts these days.   This week I went through my fabric and made up a box to donate to a local church group that sews for their missions.  Then, since I am starting to clean out my studio to find space for my sewing machine I found lots of other things.  Also, as I clean each room I try to find something to go.

So here is my list: this week!
1. a panini maker, I gave it away.
2-4 The box of fabric which I will count as 3 although there were probably 50 pieces of fabric of various sizes.  This is the box.  I probably should have spread them out but the lady who was taking them was coming by so this is the pic I took quickly.

5. a favorite little watering can that had been repaired one too many times. (Trash)
6.  A printer I no longer use...  passing it on, on free cycle I think
7- 16 dolls I am posting on Ebay.  The first group are Hawaiian Souvenir Dolls.
 And this group are little dolls dressed in Polish Regional Costumes.

17. A spice holder that I bought to use for beads and obviously never will.  (off to Salvation Army)
18.  A plastic paper holder for a desk.  I don't have room for it so it is taking up space. (Off to Salvation Army)

So that is 18 this week....  Added to the 15 last week brings the total so far to 33.

Lets see now.....  366 minus 33 equals  333 to go.  AND it is only Jan. 12!  Sure hope I can keep it up.  I imagine it will slow down as time goes as but if the habit is made then it should be possible.

See you with another list next Thursday! I will be adding to it today as I organize another room.


GardenofDaisies said...

Wow Beth, you are doing great! You are getting rid of some BIG stuff that will really make your house feel more spacious. Selling the dolls on ebay is a great idea! You know they will go to someone who will love and appreciate them.

Les Trois Jardins said...

Beth, those are good resolutions and even better results! It will give you an uncluttered feeling in your head also. Too much clutter in the house clutters the mind also.
I started at the beginning of January with the same: things not used?, out with them.
I have a similar doll (the middle Hawaiianone on your picture, but cannot part with it).They are so cute.
Happy day!

Que Bella said...

Decluttering is on this year's list for me, too. It's so nice to get rid of items I know I'll never use, especially when it benefits someone else.