Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Machine Embroidery will not get the best of me.,

My saga of trying to learn Machine Embroidery is moving along VERY SLOWLY.   The problem I seem to be having is with the tension and everything I have read indicates that is a very common problem.  I have been trying different things and so far it is getting a little better.  By that I mean I have actually completed two  designs, simple ones, that look good.  But there are the problem ones too.
This first picture shows part of a butterfly design and a heart design that was WRONG....  You can see the white thread.  That was the bottom thread showing, not the right one.  After some adjustments I was able to do the heart properly.... a red color.....  You can click on it to see better detail.

The second picture shows the Butterfly coming out properly.  I have a long road but with persistance I hope it will get better.

At the moment I have the machine on  my dining room table but with all the work I have been doing up in my studio I now have room to put it up where it belongs.  So that is my project today.  And by tomorrow I should be ready to try again......................

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Sandra from Sydney said...

You're getting there! I always need to do a trial go on some scrap before I commit to a project but I'm still learning too. As I said before, I haven't touched mine for a while and must get it serviced. When you get it right it is very rewarding! I am in the middle of an embroidered quilt, mainly in creams and would like to get back to it.