Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Wednesday, another flea market

Yes, we went to our favorite Wednesday flea market yesterday, in Leesport, PA.  The weather was supposed to be iffy but it turned out to be a beautiful day, sunny and mild temps.  And the place was loaded with dealers so there was lots to see.    Click here to see their homepage.

There were pansies, tulips and other spring flowers everywhere for sale.  So pretty and spring like fresh.  I bought a few little pansies to put in one of my gardens.  I will probably wait another couple of weeks before I buy anything else.  I usually make my big garden purchases around Mother's Day.
I didn't buy a whole lot of other things but enjoyed seeing all the things that were available.  I did see a lot of cups and saucers so I will feature them on Teacup Tuesday.  But here are some of the other things I found.
These little Amish Dolls caught my eye.  This area has a large Amish and also Mennonite population  so it isn't a surprise to find the dolls.
 I thought the use of this buggy to hold some flowers was a clever idea.
 If you need some planters this was the place to be.  I admit it, I bought several!
 Here was one of the table where there were a lot of pretty spring plants.

And I did buy some of the veggies.  Always a great selection.

And finally a Mantle.  No fireplace at our house but if we had one, this would be nice.

I hope to get to another flea market over the weekend.  If I do I will report next week.  Also check back on Tea Cup Tuesday.

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Jacoba said...

How tempting!
My eye was caught by an advert on a recycle shop promoting its garden stuff. I know myself, so I have not been there yet ....
Such pretty violets! No doubt you will make it all cheery around your house over Easter.
Happy Easter!