Sunday, April 1, 2012

This and That

   Enjoying all the pretty flowering plants and shrubs.  We planted these forsythia a couple of years ago and they are doing better each year.

Perhaps it was because Spring has sprung and we had a nice vacation. But for the past week I have been getting very industrious.  Actually finishing or nearly finishing some projects.

I have mentioned that  I have done a lot more sewing lately but seemed to have trouble finishing things up.  This past week was different.  To begin I made this mat.  I saw a place mat on line that I liked and decided to make my own pattern and see if I could do it.  Here is the result.
Now that I know it turns out ok, I will probably make it in colors more suitable for my dining room table.  I just had these purple scraps and decided to use them.
The next project is this tote bag.  Last fall I went to one of my favorite fabric stores where there sell lots of scraps of upholstery fabrics for REALLY CHEAP.  I bought quite a bit and this is made from some of those.
I used a lot of the special stitches on my sewing machine, also did a bit of machine applique in the middle.
So here is that result.
And the final project is a "fall table runner."  Last summer I found the idea in a fabric store in Maine and brought home the idea to replicate.  I bought the fabric at that store but the rest is my pattern.  I went on line and found a picture of an oak leaf which I enlarged, worked on and made it like I wanted it.  I cut out the four different colors of leaves and machine appliqued them onto the base piece.  The thread I used was a variegated one using the colors of the different leaves.   I also found a picture of an acorn on line and used it to create a pattern.  I printed up enough, pinned them to the base and stitched over the stop to served as quilting on the piece.  Then I ripped off the paper.
     You will notice there is no binding yet.  I will be doing that in a class I will be taking later in the month.
If you look closely you can see the "outlines" of the acorn that make up the quilted areas.
I will show again when I am completely finished.

Meanwhile I have been doing a bit of cleaning out in my garden.  I was NOT a happy camper when I discovered that the deer had been dining on my freshly growing hostas!  See picture below.
You can see the little places where they bit off the spikes.
I was reading a gardening book recently where they suggested that you put up little pinwheels in the areas where you want to scare off deer....  So I found one and put it up.  It doesn't go constantly but it does move.  I do hope it helps.  If it doesn't, well it looks cute anyway.

Come back to see me on Tuesday.  I have another tea cup Tuesday blog entry planned.

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GardenofDaisies said...

Oh no! Those naughty deer! You have been busy!! I have a lot of unfinished projects too. Sigh....