Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A "Crazy" UFO is now a finished project.

 This morning the sun is shining and although it is cold it look nice out!  I love seeing all that blue sky.    The sun helps a LOT.

I checked in with The Raspberry Rabbit and got directions for our first project and more info on the next flower.....  So I am hoping, tomorrow or maybe Friday to have something to show you on that front. BUT..... MEANWHILE........

One of my goals for the New Year was to finish a few UFOs.  I have more than I want to list here.  But at least I can now say another one is DONE!  A few years ago I was with a group of artists on line that did a lot of altered and assemblage  art.  Someone suggested we should do a crazy quilt. Although not a "new type" of art by any means it was definitely a way to use some of our learned skills AND use some of our embellishments. 10 people participated.

Each one of us made a crazy quilt base about 25 to 30 inches square.  Then it was sent around the country so each of us could do some work on each other's quilts.  It was such a treat when mine arrived home, all finished.  I loved it and showed it off to friends but somehow never did the last finishing.... UNTIL YESTERDAY.   

 Here is whole little quilt. And below this I have shown 4 sections in more detail.
 Be sure to click on each picture to see more detail.

These are close ups of the four corners.

 This is the upper right.  A beady snake is pretty impressive!

This is the lower right corner.

 And here is the lower left....  I love to use buttons in projects. So did this participant.

 And finally the upper left.  I love the way the lace has become a mask....  Notice the eyes.....
               I love it and and so happy to finally have it finished.  It took way too long!!!!

The really nice thing is that each artist signed on the back of the areas they work in.  So I have that history with it.

         Check in tomorrow (or maybe Friday) and see how I am progressing with the Fellowship of Flowers project.

And I want to give out another welcome to all my new followers.  This week, with the Grow Your Blog Part, has been so much fun.  I have loved meeting so many new folks and to learn more about our shared interests.


Sharmayne said...

Some lovely work and a real treasure.
Hugs sharm

Sharmayne said...

Some lovely work and a real treasure.
Hugs sharm

xinex said...

So pretty! I admire anybody who can quilt....Christine

Sarah Lizzie said...

What a special quilt!! I love the idea of different ladies adding their li'l bit of stitching to it So, so many pretty things to capture one's interest. The mask idea is the 'hidden' eyes.