Friday, April 4, 2014

Finishing up some projects AND making gift tags

I finished the second Fellowship of Flowers project, the pretty little table topper and here it is. Haven't  quite figured where I will put it but I will find somewhere.

Meanwhile I worked more on the table topper I showed last week.  After finishing the top of the little quilt I used up all the rest of the material and made a backing which  does use up all the rest of the fabric nicely.  Probably will never use it that side up. Some doesn't "match" up like on the other side but it serves as a good backing. 
I hope to start the machine quilting on it next week.  It is all pinned and ready to go!!!

And on a completely different note:
        While sitting out in my shop, between customers I started making these gift tags using various vintage and vintage looking things I had sitting around.  I had previously "antiqued" the tags using wet tea bags. Click here to see one of many tutorials on antiquing paper..  You can sprinkle cinnamon onto the tags while they are still damp and it will add a pleasant scent.

 And here are some more tags plus a couple of book marks made using handmade paper I made a while back.

So that is what I have accomplished this week.  No telling what I will do next week.

And don't forget to check in on Tuesday for Tea Cup Tuesday.


Deborah Montgomery said...

Lovely tags! and your table topper is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend Beth!

Kim said...

Love, love, love your table topper. It is stunning. How good do your tags look; such a clever idea!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Your table topper is gorgeous! Woo hoo! Happy bunny dance! I love how it turned out. Those tags are wonderful. I haven't made tags in a long time, but always enjoyed making them.