Monday, April 7, 2014

The snow is gone

The snow from last week is gone, the sun was shining all day yesterday and my tulips  and daffodils made it through the storm. We are due for quite a bit of rain over the next few days but  I figure I will have a few daffodils to bring in the house by this time next week.

Mean while I was trying to decide what I would show for tea cup Tuesday this week.  I found a few mis-matched things that I liked and will share them with you this week.
The tea cup set is interesting, especially when you want to try loose tea.  It has the infuser included in the set.

I dearly love little cottages, and naturally a tea pot that features one would be one I would need to have.
It is fairly new teapot from Arthur Wood pottery in England.

And the next picture features a tea cup or sugar or creamer cover.  I have seen they used in various ways.  I did not make this one but they don't look too hard.  I have seen different styles.  But I like this one with the pretty little beads.

And to enjoy the tea time even more I have included some tiny spring type cupcakes.  I did not make them but got a few from my local bakery.  They are really quite simple but good.

I hope you will join me for tea today and visit all the other TeaTime blogs as well.

I have joined with the following Tea Cup Tuesday Tea Parties.

Hope you will visit them too.

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for another Tea Party and join me on Thursdays or Fridays for my project updates.


Ruth Weston said...

Hi Beth. Your Daffodils are not far behind ours...I'm ready for them! Infuser mugs are a good idea! I love the teapot. That's a pattern that always makes me smile! Our local bakery had some mini muffins like that...I could get addicted to those...Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Cache-Mire said...

I love the teapot! So glad spring is on the way for my friends further north. It's been a hard winter.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

No daffodils here yet but then a lot of our snow has to go before that happens. I love little cottages too and when they adorn a teapot or teacup, I cannot help but fall in love with them. Yummy looking cupcakes! Thank you for sharing at Tea Time and have a beautiful day, Beth.


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I just love your finished Fellowship of Flowers table topper and hope you find a visible place to display it Beth.
Cottage scenes on teapots or cups are quaint and your teapot is a real treasure. Yummy looking spring treats for tea this week.

Karen said...

Hi Beth,
Your teapot is so lovely and the cup with strainer is exactly what I need for our jasmine tea. Your cake plate is very pretty too. Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful week. Karen

Tea in Texas said...

Oh so pretty! Your tea time is lovely with the blue on white tea cup. It is really interesting with the china strainer and the lid will keep the tea hot. The Wood teapot is darling and I love the scene. I wondered if it is a one cup size? Have a wonderful week!


kitty said...

I'm swooning over your cottage-scene teapot, Beth! It is wonderful and I love your teacup and the darling little crocheted cover, too.

Millie said...

I made one of those lace covers some time ago, so it was nice seeing yours being used.

Kim said...

So Spring is slowly making it's presence known in your li'l corner of the world, how lovely for you. Your thatched cottage teapot is a beauty; as is the infuser tea cup..such a clever idea. Happy tea partying!!

Bernideen said...

Yes - those mugs are terrific for using with loose tea. Lovely Arthur Woods cottage (some call Anne Hathaway) and lovely table!

my cup of tea said...

Ruth- such an unusual cup and saucer I love it! I need to bake some cupcakes now! Yours look delicious!

Terri said...

Hello Beth,
Lovely grouping of treasures. The AW tea pot is wonderful! The plate too, with it's pretty yellow roses looks great. And I do love infuser mugs!
We have had chilly days with rain. Our daffodils are out and wishing the sun would shine : )

Winnie said...

Hi Beth! Love your cottage pot and that adorable mug with the strainer. I have never seen the tea cup cover before, it is precious and delicate!

Snap said...

It must be spring -- the bulbs are coming up! Love your teapot ... I love scenes, too. I like "all in one" mugs, too. Happy Tea Day!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Beth, I enjoyed your tea so much! I first noticed your tablecloth and I have one just like it, also have a cute cottage scene teapot something like yours, and I even have a crocheted teacup topper I made, like yours! Us tea lover's have a lot in common!


What an adorable teapot, I love it! The cup with sift for loose tea is great, I have two that my Mil gave us when we were first married. I'm so glad snow is gone in your part of the world and daffodils are brightening you up, sweet lady! I want at least 3 mini muffins please!!!

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a darling little teapot! I love the little cottage scene on it. I have an infuser mug like that, it is really nice for a single cuppa. I have also seen doilies like that to put over drinks outside in the summer to keep the flies away! glad you are getting some flowers!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Beth
Your tea pot is lovely!

Carrie said...

Great teapot! I love the cottage :). My daffodils are a little ahead of yours--many of them have opened. You know its spring when the daffodils are finally starting to pop!

tattrldy said...

Very glad to hear your flowers made it through the snow, they are always a welcome sight in the sprint. That teapot is sweet, such a lovely shape and beautiful decoration.

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh - that cottage teapot! Quite delightful! I do love English cottage themed things. Joy!

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh - that cottage teapot! Quite delightful! I do love English cottage themed things. Joy!