Sunday, March 25, 2018

some recycling and a quilt

While at the flea market recently  I visited a table that always has all sorts of  interesting items.  Here are the things I picked up.   I quickly sold the candle sticks and the compote in my shop.   HOWEVER.  The post style lamp and the wire basket have been made into something NEW. 

Here is what I did with it.  I removed all the wires and the socket from the old lamp.  Put the wire basket on top, upside down and "voila," a necklace holder.  I glued the basket to the top of the lamp so it wouldn't fall off with all my necklaces hanging.  I have way too many necklaces so definitely needed a place for them that would allow me to see what I have.  I used some tiny s-hooks I found at the hardware store to hang on the rungs and allow the necklaces to hang freely.  Short necklaces are on the lower rung.  The longer ones are on the top rung. 

I wish I had taken a better picture of the process of putting the two items together.  But I hope you can figure out what I did.
 Last week I told you I was in the process of finishing the binding on this quilt.  AND I did!  I laid it on my bed so you could see it.    It is too small to use there... maybe in the guest room or just to have on a cold winter night.  The basis for this quilt was a "quilt as you go" I did  thanks to Mary Etherington from the blog Country Threads Chicken Scratch  She supplied the pattern and inspiration.  I added some other quilt pieces I had started for another quilt that I never got as enthused about.  They helped to make this bigger and fit right in.  It was great way to use up a lot of my quilt scraps.   Even though Mary no longer runs a quilt shop her blog is a wonderful read.  I look forward to every post she makes.

So that is it for this week.  No telling what I will have to show next week. 

I do know that the  post card swap I participate in yearly.... from the 2018 Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap.  is coming to a close.  I received my first swapped postcard yesterday in the mail.  I hope most of the rest will show up by the time I write my next post next weekend.  No matter what,
I will be posting them all here.  If you do photography, art journals, collages or what ever type of artwork this is a fun way to share your work and see what others are doing.  Check back next week to see what arrives as well as the card I sent out.  And I will tell you how to get on the list for next year.

Until then..............  think Spring.... at least in the northern hemisphere!  My friends in the Mid West may be wondering when it is coming with their last storm.   But I know those of us  in the North East hope it is SOON.  My daffodils will be blooming soon.    Check back on Tuesday or Wednesday for another post on Teacup Tuesday.


Kathy said...

Neat idea for the necklace holder. Does it turn so you can select a necklace?

Mellowood Gallery said...

Your necklace holder is very clever and so neat that you recycled to make it. A super job on the quilt too. I like this one as it looks like it was made of left overs too. So many quilts today are so planned and all made with new material. That is great and they are beautiful but I like a quilt that has history. I am looking forward to getting my cards from the LYA swap too - such excitement!