Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let the FUN begin

The long job of sanding all the doll house parts is complete. My poor right arm is not happy about it. I will be having surgery on that arm at the end of the month. Hope I don't make it even worse between now and then.

The fun starts today when I play with my paints to figure out the exact color scheme for the house. The inside walls will all be creamy white. So I can decorate with lots of pictures on the wall and pretty curtains without worrying about if they will clash with colors of the wall.

But the outside isn't quite decided. I think I will paint the shell a cream, the trim with a grey blue and a dark red. In Victorian House Colors you usually use three colors. I will play with the various colors and see what I like. I will post the final color selection later on today and perhaps be able to show some of the painted parts.

But first I have to do a bit of housework..... then it is on to play.

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