Friday, January 9, 2009

The Painting Has Begun

Yesterday, before I started painting, I took a picture of the house from the plans for the doll house, added a couple of swatches of the paint I planned to use and scanned it. Then I put it in my Corel Paint Shop Pro program and proceeded to "paint" the house. I had to put the paint colors I would use on the picture to make sure I had those colors available when working on the graphic.
Here is the result.

It obviously is not exact but it gave me the chance to see how the colors would go together. The actual color of the outside of the house is a bit more yellow. But basically this was the final look I wanted.

So the painting began. I have painted all the basic outside pieces of the house. I have not started on the doors, windows and such. I also painted the blue trim pieces. And of course the
roof shingles are done.

Today I will spend some time on the outside walls, putting on a little wash to make them look a bit weathered (that was my husband' idea. He says all new doll houses look to shiny and this way it will look more natural. He is right of course.

I got the floors stained too, a nice golden oak.

So I am moving along.

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