Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sealed and soon to be sanded

I continued with my doll house project yesterday and managed to get all the pieces coated with sanding sealer so that today I can sand. I will be painting not wallpapering the rooms so need to get everything ready.

Meanwhile, my hubby did a bit of work for me. I will not be including the stairs in this house. Since it is make believe anyway we can imagine the stairs must be elsewhere......

So he filled in the hole in the upstairs floor and sanded it so that is ready to take paint and stain. I know the area where he filled in will be a bit different looking but that will be in the bathroom area so I will cover that floor with "tile" instead of staining like a wood floor. I wouldn't want a wood floor in a bathroom anyway. (LOL)

The weather here today is awful.... with icy walkways and roads. So I will stay in side and sand... and maybe start on the painting if I get the other done.

I hope tomorrow to actually have something worth looking at.

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