Thursday, June 30, 2011

weekly flea market report

Yesterday we went to our favorite flea market, in Leesport, PA.It is a bit of a drive but oh so worth it!. You can buy old stuff, new stuff, food, plants and pretty much anything you need.  Tomorrow I plan to show some pictures of what I saw there.  But for the moment I will do something a bit different.

At this particular flea market there is a wonderful store set up, selling many great decorative accessories.  I love to stop in to see what great things they are showing.  Today was a particularly good enjoyable visit for me. Stuff I love.  The name of the shop is Cocalico Creek.  They have a website if you want to see more, or even buy from them. Just click on their name.
   When I walked up to the shop I was greeted by this beautiful wreath and a couple of floral arrangements.  As I went inside I found several more displays featuring floral arrangements and in country settings.  You can take a tour now and if you love what you see check out their website. If you click on each picture you can see them bigger.

 I think the thing I like best about the little shop here at the flea market is that it is loaded with inspiration!!!!
Can't wait to go back again.  Hope you enjoyed the visit.

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