Friday, August 12, 2011

The Car Show

Once a year there is a really big car show down at the fair grounds.   It is the Annual Rod & Custom Cruise-In.   It is supposed to be the premier car show in Pennsylvania.  I don't know about that but we always try to attend and see what is there.   It is so much fun to see all the cars from our youth.  Ones that our friends had in high school especially.  But it is nice to see what folks like to restore.   
Here are just a few of the cars we saw this evening.  The best of all though was that we recognized EVERY song they played over the loud speakers.  Just a little step back in time.  FUN.

Here are just a few of the cars we saw this evening.

 And finally here is the 1959 Caddy one of our friends owns.  It certainly is a BIG BOAT.


Shirley said...

Hi Beth, I took photo's from the car show we attend every Friday night. Is this show in York Penn.? my hubby bought his car there in 2000. Just wondering..
We attend a lot of car show's through out the summer. Sure is fun to see and ride in a cool car..
Have a great week...

Sandra from Sydney said...

Yes! I remember some of those models from here in Australia too - and as far as songs go, so many of them have been 'recycled' and our daughters are amazed that we know them lol! Same with fashions of course - been there, done that, not interested in doing them again (mostly). Glad it brought back breat memories for you.