Thursday, August 11, 2011

My travel journal

Before I get on with telling you about the new journal I wanted to share this picture of a ground hog (or sometimes called a woodchuck)  that visited our yard the other day and was caught eating an apple that had probably fallen from the apple tree.  I did show this on my facebook page but if you aren't on that you still get to see it. He is much cuter than he deserves to be!

I finished a second journal using the techniques I learned in Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogie journal class.
Here it is!!

 And here are a few signatures I put in the book.  I am using mostly scrapbooking paper cause I have way too much, some journal pages from this original journal and a few water color pages.  Nothing real wild as it isn't really my style.

The 1/2 pages will get things added to them as well.  I like having different size pages.  It makes it more fun when looking through the book.  Since it is a travel journal I will be adding pictures AND brochures and the like that I pick up on the way.  And commentary of course.  This book will be started soon as I have collected up pictures and such from past journeys and they will go in first.

Although doing these journaling classes with Mary Ann Moss (Full Tilt Boogie and Remains of the Day).  I have really gotten  into book making but believe it or not I actually took a bookmaking class a number of years ago.  It was more traditional.  Only did one small book but I learned the techniques.
Here are some pictures of it.   Although it has been 15 plus years since I made it I have just left it on the shelf to "admire" but now I realize I had best start using it. 

The technique used was adding signatures and sewing them together.  Then we used heavier  paper for the cover and the tabs.  These aren't the best pics but I hope you get the idea.

  Not as "exciting" as the full tilt boogie style.  So that is why I prefer the FTB style and will probably continue to do it

Now, what kind of journal shall I do next.

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Nancy Lynn said...

Your travel journal FTB style is great. So glad you shared your beautiful journal.