Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My morning visitors

It is always fun to look out in the back yard, first thing in the morning,  and see all my visitors up in the backyard.  This momma deer and her 4 little babies have come by to visit quite often, probably cause of the 4 apple trees.
  (no apple pie this year I fear)

I tried to take a couple of videos this morning.  They aren't the best but they show all the dear little deers.

They come by pretty much every day.  We do have to bring in the bird feeders at night or they would empty them too.  It is hard to believe the town is just 1 mile down the road.  And there are houses all around us.  It feels like we are out in the country when we see them although we aren't.

If you are hunting for my Tea Cup Tuesday entry.  Sorry but didn't get around to it this week.

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Rachel said...

What a wonderful sight it is to see i would love to have them pay me a visit we get foxes around by us but no deer they are just to scared and stay in the woods gorgeous sight though