Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sewing and gardening.

   I have been busy working in the yard and then sewing when I need to get in out of the heat.  I also have been fairly busy in my antique shop.  So even though I am busy I am still getting things done.

My latest sewing project is a small quilt piece that will serve as a table cover in the living room  I found the pattern somewhere on the internet... don't have any idea where now... I have the designers name AND the quilt name but can't find it anywhere.
It is called Flower Basket and was designed by Leslie Sonkin. If anyone knows anymore let me know!

And here is what I did.  It is all pieced and I hope to get the machine quilting done this next week and then the binding..
 (the little butterflies are pin heads by the way)

Come back Tuesday for my Tea Cup Tuesday entry.  I have already taken the pictures.

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Sandra from Sydney said...

The Flower Basket design is such a versatile pattern isn't it? This is a pretty version, I really like it.
Hugs, Sandie